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Education is active, engaging and always moving forward – and its solutions should be, too. Even the most tried-and-true institutions must keep up to avoid becoming old school. See how you can provide the next generation of students with a new generation of products in our expanded 2021 Education Solutions brochure.

What education needs – and more

More design in a stacker. More comfort in a sit. More models to match the needs of any space for learning. Orbix offers everything students and staff need in an array of options.

Knowledge is power

There’s a critically important distinction between cleaning and disinfecting. Knowing the difference can help ensure safe environments every day. Learn more with our enhanced care and cleaning guide.

Project Spotlight: Orange Coast College

Look and see how the college in California chose bold and brilliant products for their Student Services and Administration buildings.

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Our solutions are quick to customize and quick to ship. Get exactly what you need in time for back-to-school. 


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