Foundation for California Community Colleges

  • Foundation for California Community Colleges
  • November 5, 2018 Price Guide (Zone 2 in CAP)
  • Contract Period: August 31, 2018- August 31, 2021
  • TVR#: 921003
  • Product:
    • SitOnIt Seating: Multipurpose seating, stacking chairs, folding chairs and dollies or trucks, designed to support stacking and folding chairs
    • IDEON: Tables and accessories/Upholstered seating
  • Volume Discount: 
  • Tier (List Price)                                 End User Discount (Drop Ship)            Delivered & Installed               Turnkey Installation
    • Tier 1: $1 - $25,000                          54%                                                         50%                                             48%
    • Tier 2: $25,001 - $300,000              56%                                                         52%                                             50%
    • Tier 3: $300,000+                            58%                                                         54%                                             52%
  • Payment Terms: Net 10- 1% Discount, Net 30
  • Accepted Credit Cards: Credit card will be accepted
  • Delivery SitOnIt Seating:
    • Ships within 2 business days using express fabrics ARO
    • Ships within 5 business days using all other fabrics ARO
    • Ships within 10 business days using leather ARO
  • Delivery IDEON:
    • Ships within 10 business days using express fabrics ARO
    • There is a $95 net fee for less than three pieces
  • Please verify fabric grades on the SitOnIt Seating or IDEON website before ordering
  • Cancellation: Orders which have entered any stage of production cannot be cancelled. Requests for cancellation are not accepted until acknowledged by Exemplis LLC. In the event cancellation is accepted by Exemplis LLC, cancellation charges may be for the entire amount of the order.
  • PO Instructions: End User Purchase Orders shall be sent to Exemplis LLC's Authorized Dealers. The Authorized Dealer Purchase Order to Exemplis LLC must have TVR number to receive this contract's discounting. The name of the registered End User must appear in full (no abbreviations) on the Purchase Order.
  • Warranty: Please refer to our warranty page.
  • Contract Notes: 
    • FCCC has embarked upon developing a robust and demanding program of various furniture and building fixtured to address the physical environment needs of it's stake holders
    • FCCC helps colleges, universities, and K12 districts build and operate their institutions more effectively through programs and services that drive excellence while saving millions of dollars annually.
    • FCCC Contract is available to California Community College Districts, CSU system (comprised of 23 campuses), UC System (comprised of 9 campuses), Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (80 private non-profit colleges and universities), California K-12 Schools, and all other City, County and State Entities.
Contract Ordering Information

Ordering & Payment Address
Exemplis LLC
6415 Katella Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630
Phone: 888-274-8664
Fax: 714-995-4855
Company Contact

Derek Cairo
Manager, Contract
Exemplis LLC
Phone: 714-995-4800 x316
Fax: 714-995-4855

Derek Cairo
Sales Representatives Information

N. California Territory Manager (North of Visalia)- Shawn Davis
Ph: (415) 516-4245 I
Los Angeles Area Territory Manager (South of Visalia)- John Swanstrom
Ph: (310) 266-4567 I
San Diego & Inland Empire County- Keefe Collins
Ph: (714) 713-0874 I

Shawn Davis
John Swanstrom
Keefe Collins