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ChairBuilder+ can help.

Spec it

From task to lounge to workstations and more, start by accessing our entire portfolio of products to build and save orders. With the industry's leading visualization tool, you can see creations come to life (and even see some in augmented reality).

Quote it

Sign up for a ChairBuilder+ account and let it do the math for you, including contract pricing, dealer discounts and TVRs. You can even collaborate and share quotes between account users, process managers and sales reps - plus sync with 2020, Project Matrix, CET, Core, Khameleon, Hedberg and any other SIF capable systems.

Order it

A ChairBuilder+ account lets dealers and their staff enjoy hassle-free ordering with accurate pricing every time (no more price guide calculating). And desired dates are available instantly, ensuring the entire process moves faster with cleaner orders and reduced holds.

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Sign up for a ChairBuilder+ account to unlock the full potential of our enhanced and expanded platform. You can also schedule a one-on-one demo with a platform expert.


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