A new downtown office calls for a brand new look to match.

When the hip, forward-thinking digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado, decided to move offices to accommodate its quickly growing team, they knew they wanted a fresh, contemporary look that wouldn’t break the bank.
They landed on a modern spot in the downtown Denver area that would accommodate their plans for an open office with collaboration-friendly “war rooms” and open benching furniture. The agency partners reached out to David Key of IA Interior Architects to help bring this vision to life. Along with updating the space with lots of reclaimed wood and a minimalist look, Key knew that the installation would require a variety of seating models that could be customized easily to furnish each space.
The agency partnered with Jon Rakes of Environments Denver to bring in Wit models in a Nickel mesh back and Horizon Shadow seat fabric that seamlessly blended in with the sleek, monochromatic gray and white palette of the space. To add a fun pop of color for the kitchen and breakroom areas, Rakes also suggested a few bright orange OnCall bar stools to go with the Frost-colored ones the agency already picked out.  
Following rave reviews from everyone in the office for their comfortable sit and cool look, the agency has already made plans to order more crowd-pleasing Wits to fill out some of their newer workstation areas and maintain the brand’s new look and feel.